7 Tips For Amazing Showering Experience

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Find out the best ways to have an amazing showering experience. 

7 Tips For Amazing Showering Experience



When you next redecorate or renovate your bathroom, why not consider installing a shower stall to save both money and time? You will use much less water with a shower and the resultant savings on your water and heating bills will quickly make your new shower installation the best idea that you have all year!

However, do not be tempted to do it all yourself! In order to protect the integrity of your home, showers must be waterproofed and professionally sealed – rising damp and mould and mildew will not make an attractive addition to the room beneath the bathroom! You do not have to commit yourself to unreliable and expensive builders though, there are a great range of options giving you the professional finish that is so important, with the choice, freedom and price of DIY! 

Instead of a standard shower curtain, why not opt for this fantastic clear shower screen to open up your view of bathroom: a perfect solution in any small space, as bathrooms tend to be. You will be snug and warm behind this screen, but be able to see the full length and width of the room.

clear shower screen


If you are reluctant to drastically make-over your bathroom, you can simply turn your existing bath into a stylish shower stall with this single bath screen which comes complete with handy towel rail!

single bath screen

In a compact bathroom where space is an issue, why not banish soft curtains and opt for sturdy sliding doors like this one. It is transparent to maximize room space and will fit into even the most oddly proportioned bathroom!

sliding doors

While baths can be a pampering and luxurious experience showers are quick and hygienic perfect for early morning starts when you don’t have a lot of time. Having a shower stall fitted can truly revolutionize your bath time experience, especially with Simpson’s Shower Trays and Shower Bases.

Installing a shower of your own choosing can ensure that the shower stall exactly fits into your chosen décor style and the available space in your bathroom, so you can opt for any style, be it minimalistic and stark, or lavish and opulent.

Deciding what goes into your shower stall gives you complete control over the budget – enabling you to have the shower of your dreams, for less than you might think! Browse online now and see which elements of the Simpson’s shower products will work best for you!